Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trans-Atlantic Throwdown Episode 6

This is Episode 6 a.k.a. Fizzbitch a.k.a. Miracle Baby, because we have so many technical problems and interruptions that this one almost didn't happen! Please bear with us, we do apologize! Today Paddy is sipping on some Harviestoun (Scotland) beers while Frank gets excited about North Shore Distillery and the DMK Burger Bar in Chicago. On the political front, Paddy explains the Irish election system (ranked preferences, not binary choices) and then Frank discusses Wisconsin. Somewhere in the middle we discuss civil rights, democracy and the relationship between them. We also geek out over high-speed rail. Finally, we "meh" out to Radiohead's new track Lotus Flower, get our dubstep on (we think) to James Blake, preview the new Fleet Foxes album called Helplessness Blues, check out the new black metal-inspired band on Deathwish Inc called Deafheaven, and then we get extremely excited about our hometown heroes Darkest Hour's latest album The Human Romance.


Harviestoun beers

North Shore Distillery

DMK Burger Bar

RTÉ - Irish Election Results Update (Fine Gael and Labour coalition)

Radiohead's Lotus Flower (from King of Limbs)

James Blake

Deafheaven's bandcamp page (free four-song demo)

Fleet Foxes' Helplessness Blues

Darkest Hour

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