Our Story

Paddy K and Frank Chow are two friends who go way back.  About fifteen years ago, in the sprawling Virginia suburbs south of Washington, DC, a teenaged fanboy Paddy drew comic-book-inspired campaign posters for aspiring class representative Frank.  What do superheroes have to do with student government? Absolutely nothing, but a strong friendship was born that day.  Things have changed a lot since then: Frank studied theater and psychology in college and ended up on the stand-up comedy circuit in Chicago;  Paddy studied economics, did some time in the Army, married an Irish girl and now lives in Dublin.  Working as cubicle monkeys in 9 to 5 jobs, Paddy and Frank found themselves ranting at each other via Gchat on a daily basis and finally decided that rather than just typing about it, why not record the rage and share it with the internets?  The Trans-Atlantic Throwdown was born.

The podcast is focussed on politics, pints and underground rock.

Politics: We lean left.  Sometimes Frank leans hard left.  Like, we're talking Michael Jackson in the Smooth Criminal video leaning hard left.  Paddy comes from a Republican family which makes him the conflicted and guilty left.  But we lean left.  To summarize, in the words of George Carlin: "Nuke a gay whale for Jesus."

Pints: ABInBev is the devil and the sooner you accept this and start drinking craft and micro brews, the happier you'll be.  Trust us.  We also seek out obscure distilled spirits, mostly whiskey and gin.  We don't really care about wine that much, but we'll drink it all the same.

Rock: Paddy likes the screamy hardcore and metal stuff.  Frank is down with that, but enjoys a good hook so he tends to favor the indie rock and folky stuff.  Life is way too short to waste your time and money on crap pop bands that you forget after one listen of their album.

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