Friday, November 19, 2010

Episode III of the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown

This week on the TAT, Paddy returns to beer-sampling and rekindles an old flame with Goose Island, a brewery with which Paddy has a complicated relationship. Closer to home, Paddy samples a new experimental lager from Porterhouse Brewing Co. called Down'n'Outz. Frank gets into more gin culture, this time espousing the benefits of Hendrick's gin and having a cucumber in your cocktail (get your mind out of the gutter). On the politics front, the Jon Stewart-Rachel Maddow interview is discussed, followed by Frank's hopes for some movement on the DREAM act now that Republicans have won a majority in the House of Representatives. In new music, Frank is loving the "new" Converge album Axe to Fall, which came out a year ago. Paddy launches into a long explanation of why Converge is the greatest band ever -- shockingly, Pitchfork agrees that Converge are awesome. Frank's also listening to a new release from Twin Shadow, which we sample at the end of the show. Paddy's ears have been filled with the deafening rage of The Secret (from Italy) and then Paddy brags on the fact that Colombian Necktie are getting great reviews over at MetalSucks.

Beer Nut reviews Down'n'Outz

The Secret at Southern Lord

The Secret on Love Comes Close (blog) (complete with creepy goat graphic)

Colombian Necktie review at MetalSucks

Maddow v. Stewart at Crooks and Liars

Read all about the DREAM Act

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  1. Three shows in and you guys are running a really tight ship. The discush about John Stewart was comprehensive and entertaining and indeed the wider discush about the current climate in the U.S. was as equally illuminating. For people like myself being Down Under, as it were, these sorts of insights are really good b/c our dickhead government tends to follow the political trends prevailing in Washington right now and have the measure of a politicians mindset can be a powerful tool.

    I'm definitely a fan!