Friday, June 15, 2012

Trans-Atlantic Throwdown Episode 11 - Breaking & Entering, Zauber Brewing & more!

We’re back and we’re focused! This week’s show is tight. Streamlined. Intense. Frank drinks a whiskey, Breaking & Entering Bourbon, and doesn’t die. Paddy finds a new brewery, Zauber Brewing Company, in an industrial park and comes home with a growler. Paddy and Frank discuss the fetishization of the military and veterans – but still love freedom! We check out new tunes from Torche, Exitmusic, Royal Thunder, and Beach House. Paddy’s daughter does her best to sabotage the show, BUT WE PERSEVERE. Enjoy! Peace! ·

  Royal Thunder
  Beach House 
  Breaking & Entering Bourbon
  Zauber Brewing Company

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